Sunset series!


Hello again!

I hope you all are having a great Sunday so far… I think it has been a great honour moving to a country like Sweden and especially a city like Stockholm. In the past year, I have seen so many magical sunsets from different parts of the city. Each one beautiful in their own way! Sometimes the sky is orange and sometimes its different shades of pink like this one!

This picture was clicked from Södermalm, facing  Gamla Stan ( The Old Town). I think Gamla Stan is one of the best parts of Stockholm city. I love walking through the alleys and admiring the old architecture.

Today is a pretty cloudy day here, so I don’t think we will get a very good sunset. But one can never loose hope!

Which was your favourite sunset and where did you see it?

See you next weekend!




4 thoughts on “Sunset series!

  1. Lovely pictures Charlene… As you have rightly said the beauty around gives you more than a hundred reasons to smile, to wonder, to be at peace, to be grateful and much more…
    And kudos to you for getting started this lovely idea of a photo blog… We’d now be able to see the beauty around the world through your eyes..!!
    Good luck!!

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